Notification of PorkSwap liquidity migration from PancakeSwap v1 to v2

Dear PSWAP liquidity providers on Pancakeswap and community,

The liquidity migration to the new version of PancakeSwap has been completed with the help of the Unicrypt migration tool.

There’s has been very minimal price impact only 0.2%

We advise all PSWAP Pancakeswap v1 liquidity providers to migrate their liquidity to v2 by following these steps:

  1. Withdraw all your liquidity from Pancakeswap v1 here

2. Add all your liquidity to Pancakeswap v2 here

Trading Link for v2:

Major Updates:

Our staking platform will be live at May 29, 2021 6pm UTC, you can stake your fresh v2 LP tokens to earn PSWAP around 500% APY.

Social Links: