Porkswap Staking Platform — 9125.00% APY

We are pleased to announce our new staking interface, that enables seamless and flexible staking by PSWAP at any time.

Key features

  • You can stake your PSWAP at any time you choose. You can stake any amount of PSWAP you wish;
  • Once staked, the contract will deliver a reward continuously for as long as tokens remain staked;
  • You can withdraw any amount of staked PSWAP tokens without any locking period.
  • You are free to stake additional amounts at any time;

Annual Percentage Yield & Pools

PSWAP holders will be able to participate in rewards in two ways.

  1. PSWAP holders can provide liquidity to our trading pair at Pancakeswap.finance, and stake LP tokens into staking platform.
  2. PSWAP holders can stake PSWAP to earn more tokens.

APY will start with 9125.00% APY, and can drop till 177.88% APY if 90% of holders stake.

Interface overview

The paradigm is that the interface displays two main pools of staking.

  1. Connect Wallet — We currently support MetaMask, Binance Wallet , and TrustWallet and for Staking PSWAP tokens.
  2. Token Balance (top-right) — These are tokens that you’re currently holding, that is agnostic whether you’re staking or not staking tokens.
  3. Staking (center) — You can start staking by connecting your wallet and approving the staking contract to transfer tokens on your behalf. You can then choose amount to stake, and authorize the transaction.


This will be a dynamic list of the most requested questions around staking.

Why APY is dropping?

There are limited amount of tokens that are supposed to be distributed across staking pool, that means if amount of stakers increase, it effects the distribution ratio and thus decreasing APY.

Why I cannot provide liquidity?

Pancakeswap.finance has retired liquidity provision of v1. Since our listing liquidity is locked by Unicrypt they’re in power of migrating pool to v2. They’re actively working on provision migration service as mentioned in their medium article.

Governance: Our governance platform is live you can vote to suggest staking pool, modify underlying protocol, change in pricing oracle, futures funding rate, platform fees, list/de-list tokens, and new features.

Incentives: Liquidity providers will be incentivized in $PSWAP for their participation in spot and leverage liquidity pools. PSWAP and LP tokens can be staked for ARR of around 10,000 to 200%.

Deflation: With a fixed supply of 1 million tokens, and only 140,000 in circulation, $PSWAP token will increase in value overtime since it’ll be scarce due to fact that team will buy back and burn tokens from platform revenue generated through spot and futures trading.

Where can I buy PSWAP?

You can buy PSWAP at following platforms:

Pancakeswap.finance: https://v1exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x42539f50c5f8a0c929e7895eb265391f58b22a19

Hotbit: https://www.hotbit.io/exchange?symbol=PSWAP_USDT

Where I can get PSWAP graph?

You can visit live trade and price graph at CoinGecko or DexTools.io:



When will staking platform launch?

The platform will be available to stake PSWAP tokens on 29th May, 2021 6pm UTC.



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PorkSwap is a decentralized leveraged trading protocol that runs on top of Pancakeswap DEX based on Binance BEP20.