PorkSwap is a decentralized leveraged trading protocol that runs on top of Pancakeswap DEX based on Binance BEP20.


1) Add $PSWAP to your CoinMarketCap watchlist:

2) Follow PORKSWAP Twitter account:

3) Join the telegram group:
4) Join Reddit Community:
5) Retweet Porkswap CoinMarketCap campaign pinned on on. https://twitter.com/pork_swap twitter and tag at least 3 of your followers.
6) Fill out the Airdrop Participation form and leave your…

Bringing financial products in decentralized fashion

At PorkSwap, our mission is to bring financial products in decentralized fashion. To get there, we intend to fully decentralize the PorkSwap platform and underlying protocol — removing the largest single point of failure (our team), and creating an indestructible, open protocol that can…

During the ILO and the following days, we have received thousands of messages. Some of them were from concerned investors, who asked us to comment on the below-mentioned topics. As we are committed to transparency and open communication, please find our explanations below.

Why was trading disabled for the first…


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