We are pleased to announce our two new staking pools.

Annual Percentage Yield & Pools

The stakers will need to provide liquidity at our new spot trading platform. The pools are:

  1. PorkSwap PSWAP-BNB LP — — 30416.67% APY
  2. PorkSwap PSWAP-BNB LP — — 28076.92% APY

Q) Where can I provide PSWAP-BNB Liquidity?

Please provide liquidity at our new spot trading platform:


Where I can get PSWAP graph?

You can visit live trade and price graph at CoinGecko or DexTools.io:




When will the new pools go live?

The new pools will be available to stake on 10th July, 2021 6:30pm UTC.

Social Links:



Dear PSWAP liquidity providers on Pancakeswap and community,

The liquidity migration to the new version of PancakeSwap has been completed with the help of the Unicrypt migration tool.

There’s has been very minimal price impact only 0.2%

We advise all PSWAP Pancakeswap v1 liquidity providers to migrate their liquidity to v2 by following these steps:

  1. Withdraw all your liquidity from Pancakeswap v1 here





PorkSwap is a decentralized leveraged trading protocol that runs on top of Pancakeswap DEX based on Binance BEP20.